Mani finally gets back to his roots

Here is the Poems of my Grand Father Khalil Sokhansanj.   I put the PDF link for everyone to enjoy. These poems were written over 70 years ago by him, he was the Colonel of army during Reza Shah reign, and he went to many assignments as was common in the old army.

Some of these poems were written when he was away from his love, my grandmother Eshrat. His poem also included my father Korous and also Elahe my aunt Eli.

Please enjoy:


This is the Site for Mani Sokhansanj. This is my original name, now, after I became citizen I change my name to Mani Sanj, I dropped the Sokhan part. Sokhan means speech, and sanj means the detector or instrument for measurement  so I guess I was speechless for all these years. I am waiting for the right opportunity to switch back to my original name.

Today I am proud, because I purchased domain so now my family, my son, all can enjoy this domain.

I will seek out all the sokhansanj and encourage them to use this site.
If you are Sokhansanj and would like to be part of this site email me: